Admissions Session : Fa-2023

>  (AD (Com)) Associate Degree in Commerce
>  (ADCS) Associate Degree (Computer Science)
>  (B.B.A) BS in Business Administration
>  (BSAF) BS in Accounting & Finance
>  (BSAI) BS in Artificial Intelligence
>  (BSCS) BS in Computer Science
>  (BSCYS) BS in Cyber Security
>  (BSSE) BS in Software Engineering

Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT) for MS/PhD Admission, click here
>  (MS Mathematics) Master of Science in Mathematics
>  (MSCS) Master of Science in Computer Science
>  (MSEE) Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
>  (MSEM) Master of Science in Engineering Management
>  (MSPM) Master of Science in Project Management

Admissions closed in post graduate programs.

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